Pepe Serna

A leader in diversity performances, Pepe Serna continues to tour with his One Man Show "El Ruco Chuco Cholo Pachuco,"  to the delight of audiences around the country.
 To see video: click here.

New programs by Pepe Serna include:

Pepefied Sernafied Breakthrough Improv Workshops: Educators and students learn and use Improv techniques under the direction of renowned artist, Pepe Serna, achieving creative and empowering skills applicable to their lives and work.

Character Education Through Breakthrough Improv: Pepe Serna has appeared in over 100 films, 300 TV shows, and has been a motivational speaker for over 40 years. With the Character Education Through Breakthrough Improv program, Pepe Serna is now concentrating on our youth to help motivate and inspire them toward academic achievement. This program allows students to explore who they are, where they come from, and apply this knowledge to help them do their best.

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