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Play B.I.G.® - Take charge of your potential

You have a choice! Either you choose to Play B.I.G.® or you choose to play small. Choosing to Play B.I.G.® reaps rewards that include energy, prosperity, inspiration, creativity and love. Playing small brings chaos into our lives and businesses. When we play small we experience fear, debt, limits and strangled relationships. The program focuses on five of the most frustrating behaviors that stop people from reaching their highest potential and the seven behaviors that make a world of difference.This program is interactive, funny and animated with lots of strategies, lessons and tips. The audience laughs while networking with each other and learning various techniques that reap positive rewards.

Motivating and Empowering Your Employees for Positive Results

Leaders have a choice. Leaders can create an atmosphere where staff experiences stress, anger and isolation, resulting in low productivity, gossip and interpersonal chaos. Leaders can also choose to create an atmosphere of support, partnership, and team spirit, which results in high productivity, strong morale and effective team environment. It is a leader’s choice.

Speaking Successfully Before a Group

Presenting in front of a group is said to be the number one fear of most people. People rank their fear of presenting as higher than their fear of dying. Once people learn the tricks of the trade and how to prepare for their presentations, they will reduce their fear factor and be able to present in front of anyone – including strangers! This interactive, fun, laughter filled session breaks through the barriers that stop people from presenting effectively and teaches participants the secrets of presenting.

Kick Your Own Butt: How to Motivate Yourself, Stay Motivated and Motivate Others

Successful people are persistent, avid goal setters, passionate, enthusiastic, and responsible people who work hard. They are also people who know how to stay motivated, so that they remain persistent, passionate, enthusiastic and responsible. They know what drives them to succeed and reward themselves for their accomplishments. They use goals that inspire them to succeed.
Most successful people had to learn how to motivate themselves to become successful. This course helps the average Joe or Josephine motivate themselves. Most people have never sat down and planned their future; they cannot be motivated if they have no idea where they are going.

Lighten Up and Lead - How to be a Feisty, Fearless, Focused, and Fun, Leader

White Guys are Diverse, Too TM

Carry the Torch! - Being the leader they want to follow!

Communicate Your Value

You Are A Gem

I've Got The Power


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